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News & Updates

Bears & People Project in the News

CU Student conducting bear survey as part of master's thesis

Daily Camera, 2/26/2018

A University of Colorado student is utilizing an online bear-related survey as part of her master’s thesis on human-bear conflicts in the area.

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Why Did the Bear Cross the Road?

Center for Humans and Nature, 6/26/2018

An article by Melanie Hill for the City Creatures Blog about how it truly takes a village to coexist with local black bears.

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Bears and People: A Novel Program For Peaceful Coexistence

Psychology Today, 4/13/2018

An interview by Marc Bekoff with “Bears & People” creator Melanie Hill about this visual case story and call for community action.

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Survey indicates support of black bears in Boulder

Daily Camera, 8/14/2018

A former CU student’s online survey indicates Boulder residents are quite tolerant, supportive of and place a high value on black bears in the area.

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Boulder just fine with being black bear country, survey says

Denver Post, 8/14/2018

A majority of those surveyed disagreed that “black bears may be dangerous”

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Boulder County Black Bear News

As more bears wander eastward, Boulder to weigh expansion of city's bear-safe trash zone

Daily Camera, 4/13/2018

The bears of Boulder’s foothills are just waking up, and recent reports on the species’ local movements suggest residents may see more and more of them wandering farther east in the coming months and years.

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'Hangry' bear freed after locking itself inside vehicle in Boulder County

Daily Camera, 4/17/2018

Sheriff’s deputies free animal from vehicle: ‘Car 0. Bear 1’

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Bear reported near elementary school in Boulder

Denver7, 8/29/2018

An elementary school in Boulder brought all students inside after receiving a report of a bear in the area Wednesday afternoon.

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Bear and her cubs prompt lockout at Flatirons Elementary in Boulder

Daily Camera, 9/14/2018

A bear and her cubs have prompted a lockout at Flatirons Elementary School in Boulder after the animals were spotted dozing in a tree nearby, the second time this week the animals have prompted a lockout.

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